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Hit Sheet Tips

In every issue, the Hit Sheet publishes a list of tips and favourite tracks from a cross section of the music industry. Tippers range from the heads of major labels to radio DJs, promoters, producers, record company staff, retailers and journalists.

The Tips section will frequently predict the forthcoming hits to fly into the charts, or gauge and acknowledge quality tunes that many feel should be pushed that little bit harder. Meanwhile, the Faves section acknowledges the musical taste of the tipsters, gives a nod to some great tunes and often contains artists previously featured on the Hit Sheet CD, proving that we are indeed delivering great new music to the ears of the opinion makers!

If you’re enthusiastic about an act in particular, tipping is a great way to show your support and help turn up the heat, while at the same time getting your name in print!

In order to tip in the Hit Sheet, simply reply to the e-mail that you'll receive from us with the title of the single, the artist name and ideally (but not necessarily) their record label. For the Faves section, simply repeat the process with a track you’re mad on at the moment.

In the same way as our messageboard provides an open forum for discussion, our regular Feedback page in the magazine is also used by a variety of our readers to discuss music-industry related matters, to promote ideas and address various topics. If you would like to contribute to the Hit Sheet’s feedback page, please e-mail feedback@hitsheet.co.uk.

For more information on the Hit Sheet CD, or to download a free copy of the magazine, see the home page.

If you do not wish to receive e-mails from the Hit Sheet about tipping in the magazine, just reply to the e-mail you receive with the subject line: 'Please remove'.